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Groovin' With Garegnani: A trip to Adventure Ski & Snowboard School

Learning to ski or snowboard in San Diego? Yeah, right!

SAN DIEGO — Learning to ski or snowboard in San Diego? Yeah, right! Coming from a kid that grew up in Denver, Colorado I thought this idea was preposterous. That is until a viewer recommended I check out Adventure Ski and Snowboard School in Encinitas, and man were my eyes opened up! If I am being honest my first thought was, "this is a gimmick." Once again, that could not have been further from the truth! 

What makes all this possible is their snow sports simulator, or for a layman like myself, a revolving carpet that gives someone the feeling of going down a slope. This simulator offers Southern California skiers and snowboarders a way to learn a weather based sport at their own speed and in their own comfort.  

With all the equipment provided at the school, someone that has literally never been to a mountain can learn how to ski or snowboard right here in San Diego! As someone who grew up skiing on a 12,000-foot mountain, I figured the simulator would be a breeze. Have you figured out this pattern yet? I was wrong! Not only is the Adventure Ski and Snowboard school great for teaching beginners but it also acts as the perfect place for experienced or veteran skiers and snowboarders to refine their skills or get in shape for a big trip. 

The school says it takes 25 minutes on the snow sports simulator to equal an entire day on the mountain due to the carpet's continuous movement. The school has been in business since 1977 and is still going strong. Seemingly always busy, it's clear that Southern Californians have a craving to carve! 

So, whether you're there to learn, refine, tune or condition the school is sure to have a place for you! For more information visit their website at www.adventureski.com

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