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Out & About: Rage Room in Sorrento Valley

Get ready for a smashing experience!

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Has Covid turned you into a rage ridden human? Do you need to let off some steam? Well, I feel you buddy. You're not alone.

Get ready for a smashing experience! Literally. You get to smash stuff to release your fury.

Brainy Actz in Sorrento Valley has been around for years, but quarantine forced owner Anthony to add in a "Rage Room" to help San Diegans scratch their anger itch. I joke that therapy can be expensive, so why not pick the more affordable version... smash therapy!

The room is full of a ton of breakable objects like TVs, computers (ugh--work from home! ZOOM--UGH!) and other stuff like plates and piggy banks.

Safety comes first, so you'll be wearing protective gear including coveralls, face masks (how fitting) gloves and booties. Plus, the most fun part? You get to choose your weapon!

Once you smash it out and feel like a calmer person again, you can book some time in the Splatter Room! It's basically a room full of paint that you can toss around on the wall, on the canvas, and on yourself. Protective gear is provided if you want to keep your clothes clean.

You can also check out the escape rooms---real-life puzzle adventures that put you and your friends in a locked room for an hour to accomplish your goal.


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