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Find new ways to be WaterSmart | Small decisions make a big impact in conserving water

California has experienced some of the driest months in our state’s history. Sponsored by San Diego County Water Authority

SAN DIEGO — California has experienced some of the driest months in our state’s history. Currently scientists say that we’re experiencing the worst megadrought in the last 1200 years.  That prompted Governor Newsom to order new emergency water rules and cutbacks. But San Diego has been leaning into conservation for some time and we are uniquely positioned to weather these water supply-related woes. San Diegans know how to conserve water, but there is always more we can do.  

There are millions of little decisions we can make on a daily basis to conserve water and to be more efficient. Water Resource Specialist Efren Lopez with the San Diego County Water Authority joins our Laura Cavanaugh to break down what simple steps we can implement for free at home to reduce our water use.

From turning off your irrigation system after it rains and running full laundry loads to turning off your faucet when brushing your teeth, each of these actions can help you save several gallons of water a week. You can also participate in San Diego County Water Authority’s rebate programs for turf replacement, irrigation devices and WaterSmart landscape gardens, among other rebates.

The Water Authority operates and maintains a water delivery system capable of delivering more than 900 million gallons of water per day. As assets age, the Water Authority proactively replaces and repairs them to minimize impacts to member agencies and the public. Investments in the latest inspection technologies help the Water Authority’s asset management team detect defects in pipelines and related facilities. The defects are identified early, which allows for proactive repairs that save time and money, while protecting our safe and reliable water supply.

 Find new ways to be WaterSmart.  Learn more at www.sdcwa.org

Sponsored by San Diego County Water Authority

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