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Take control of your financial potential in 2022

How to build, preserve, protect your everyday wealth. Sponsored by Edelman Financial Engines

SAN DIEGO — With the New Year, comes new resolutions, and that includes focusing on your financial health. Just in time, a new radio show and podcast called “Everyday Wealth” is ready to help.

Soledad O’Brien and Jean Chatzky join our Laura Cavanaugh to talk about teaming up with Edelman Financial Engines to help people in all stages of their wealth-planning journey.

The podcast tackles wealth and personal finance issues that matter most in your life, from personal wealth, tax planning and generational wealth to your goals, dreams and the life you want to be living.

“It’s all about anything that intersects with your money,” said O’Brien.  “That might be a wedding, that might be a divorce, that might be a new job, that might be ditching it all and becoming an entrepreneur. Whatever it is we want to be there to help in those conversations.”

“Each week we will tee up a conversation, sometimes several conversations, with wealth advisors from Edelman Financial Engines to help us get really strategic and really tactical about how to handle these various situations,” said Chatzky.

These conversations can’t happen once a year before you do your taxes. They are conversations that have to be thought about each day because the journey to wealth and stability is a daily investment in your future.

To learn more and to be part of the conversation, visit www.EverydayWealth.com

Sponsored by Edelman Financial Engines

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