RAMONA, Calif. — On a quiet street in Ramona, an unassuming condo nestled on a golf course has gotten quite a buzz online. After realtor Nancy Maranan posted pictures of the swanky '70s condo, the pictures were shared on various news websites.

"When I first put it on Facebook, I received many comments," said Maranan. "Some were very mean. They said 'what were they thinking?' It didn't bother me. There were a lot of people who said they would keep it the way it is." 

That was one of the caveats when Maranan was selling the condo: The buyer must keep the lime green aesthetic of the condo. 

So, green it is. 

There is green shag carpet, green wallpaper, green countertops, green furniture, and even green toilet seat covers.  

The aesthetic struck a chord with one buyer, who took it off the market for $375,000. 

"[The seller] actually chose not the highest bidder, but the person who would keep the house as is," said Maranan. 

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