SAN DIEGO — A wily coyote seemed to perfectly pose in photograph captured by a Scripps Ranch man. 

"I wasn’t planning for it,” said Steven Hunley. “I was happy it was spontaneous.”  

Hunley said he was in his kitchen when he saw a coyote jump onto a wall in his backyard. He was eager to capture a good photo of it as photography has been a hobby of his for years. 

"They were the best ones I ever took of a coyote or any animal that was wild - that wasn’t in a zoo,” Hunley said.  

He says this is the third coyote he has spotted in just a few weeks in his backyard near a canyon not far from Miramar Lake. Last time, he says he saw two at night, The one he photographed was spotted in the middle of the day. Hunley says it appeared the animal was searching for water 

"I tried to keep out of his sight. I knew if he saw me, he’d run,” he said. “I was lucky.”  

Captain Danee Cook of the San Diego Humane Society says they receive photos of coyotes from residents all the time. 

“We see them in people’s yards, outsides their windows,” said Cook. “They’re coming in close. They’re looking for food.” 

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Cook took a look at the photo Hunley captured in his yard.  

"I think this coyote is somewhat thin for sure and could be a reason it’s come in so close,” she said.  

Cook says the number of sightings hasn’t increased-but in general they do get a lot of calls about coyotes. Some residents ask they be removed. 

"We do not go out for healthy coyotes,” she said. “They’re a part of the San Diego region. They’re here to stay.” 

But some are in need of help.  Back in May the humane society rescued a coyote from a storm drain. And in April, a man called in after his dog found a puppy while on a hike and it turned out to be a coyote pup. 

Cook says residents should never put out food for coyotes and she says if you see one try and make yourself as large as possible to scare it away. 

As for Hunley's feelings on the photo:

"I felt like I captured him that moment.”