CALIFORNIA, USA — More than half of California’s registered voters said they have considered leaving the state, according to a new poll.

The high cost of housing (71%) is the most common reason given by young voters, followed by high taxes (58%) and the state’s political culture (46%), particularly by Republicans and conservatives, according to the latest UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll

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Another question in the poll asked Californians how they would describe the state as a place to live. Half of the state’s registered voters described California as “one of the best places” to live, up from 43% who felt this way in 2013. However, Democrats and liberals were nearly three times as likely as Republicans and conservatives to describe California as one of the best places to live. 

According to the poll, voters in the Central Valley and Southern Californians living outside of Los Angeles County were more apt to cite political culture and taxes as reasons to leave than home prices as factors more so than voters living elsewhere.