SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Oceans, plastic, climate change and kids; those are the four reasons why Tim Oey says he is hopping on his bike for a 4,400-mile bike ride across the United States. 

During his ride, Tim will attempt to give 90 talks in 90 days about the impact of the "plastic disaster that is flooding our oceans alongside the impacts of climate change." 

Tim told News 8 that his inspiration came from images he saw of young albatrosses that had died due to eating plastic pull tabs, straws, and bottle caps. 

In addition to talking to people across the United States, Tim also hopes to raise $44,000 for charity. 100 percent of donations he receives will go to the following 5 organizations:

  • Union of Concerned Scientists - To encourage real Science. Science is what made and continues to make America great. Science has given us pretty much everything we now take for granted in our modern western society -- safe water to drink, safe food to eat, clothing, houses, electricity, lights, phones, radio, TV, computers, the internet, doctors, hospitals, and much, much more.
  • Adventure Cycling Association - To encourage more people to bike around the US and meet people rather than driving or flying over the middle and missing so much in the process. Bicycle tourists spend a lot in each community they visit and bicycle tourism really gives you a feel for the land.
  • League of American Bicyclists - To make roads and government policies better in all of our communities across the US as well as to educate more cyclists AND motorists to bike and drive safely. I am a certified League Cycling Instructor.
  • Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition - To encourage many more people to bike around Silicon Valley -- we have great weather and can lead by example!
  • Climate Ride - To encourage more people to walk the walk and ride the ride. Climate Ride is a fantastic organization that raises awareness, raises funds, and educates people about Climate Change.

If you want to follow along Tim’s journey, he will be blogging as he goes.

Time hopped on his bike and rode it directly into the Morning Extra studio to talk about why this ride is so important not only to him, but also to the environment.