SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - As the immigration debate rages on nationwide, here in San Diego, a local church is stepping in.

We heard from several members of different faiths in support of this church.

As a sanctuary church, The First Unitarian Universalist church agrees to house an immigrant who is at risk of deportation.

They say it is to give that person a better chance to have their day in court.

The First Unitarian Universalist church in Hillcrest says, they took a vote and ninety-three percent of their congregation supports this decision.

They will house one person or a small family at a time and let them stay there until they have their day in court which gives them a safe place to stay.

DACA recipients like Tatia Ortiz who spoke at the rally said, "they appreciate that support from places like the church and she is hoping that others in San Diego will agree that they deserve a chance at a better life."

Many other church leaders attended and will now go back to their congregations to see if they too will join in the sanctuary housing of these people