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Larry Millete back in court Wednesday, prosecutors file motion to deny bail

The husband of missing Chula Vista woman, Maya Millete, wanted a "death spell" cast against a man who allegedly had an affair with his wife.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Prosecutors have filed a court motion aimed at keeping the husband of missing Chula Vista mother, Maya Millete, in jail with no bail.

In the filing, Deputy District Attorney Christy Bowles argues if Larry Millete is released on bail, he might try to kill a man who allegedly had an affair with his missing wife.

News 8 also has learned Larry Millete will be appearing in Chula Vista court Wednesday afternoon for a brief hearing on a protective order preventing Millete, 40, from contacting his three children.

The motion filed October 21 and entitled “People’s request to deny bail” contained new information in the case including quotes of statements she allegedly made to friends in 2020 about her husband.

“Larry does have a scary temper... nothing the people outside of the family have seen,” Maya is quoted as saying last year. “I don't think he would hurt me, but I think he would hurt the kids to get back at me."

The prosecutor wrote that Larry Millete would not only be a danger to his children – as well as a flight risk – if released on bail; but he might also try to murder the man he suspected of having an affair with his wife, May.

“The defendant told May's brother he was willing to pay $20,000... to possibly kill the man involved in the affair with May," the motion stated.

In October 2020, Larry Millete contacted a spell caster, according to the motion, and requested a "death spell" against the man, who is married. The man's wife was pregnant at the time.

“Do you have any spells that can manifest to cause physical harm?... May his unborn child be punished for his wrongdoings,” Larry Millete wrote in an email to the spell caster, according to the filing.

News 8 is not identifying the man involved in the alleged affair, and he has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

But prosecutors clearly believe the man's life may be in danger if Larry Millete gets out on bail.

"The defendant sent photographs of the man to the spell casters indicating he had done research… to hurt or cause the death of the man he believed was the cause of his broken relationship with May,” the prosecutor wrote.

Millete’s attorney, Bonita Martinez, did not respond to a News 8 request for comment and she has not yet filed a written response in court.

On Tuesday, News 8 learned Millete will make a brief appearance in Chula Vista court in the afternoon of Wednesday, October 27. A spokesperson for the San Diego County District Attorney confirmed the hearing was scheduled to “address the criminal protective order.”

The criminal protective order filed last week names Millete’s three minor children, currently ages 5, 10 and 11.

Under the terms of the order, the father “must have no personal, electronic, telephonic, or written contact with the protected persons.”  Additionally, Millete must stay “100 yards away from home, employment, school, [and] vehicle of each protected person.”

A bail review hearing has been set for November 4 in Chula Vista court.

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