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Disneyland hikes prices again

A one-day park-hopper pass to visit both Disney parks in California will now cost you $150 per person.
The Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Visiting "The Happiest Place On Earth" will have you digging deeper into your bank account.

On Saturday, prices for a one-day park-hopper pass for admission to both Anaheim parks -- Disneyland and California Adventure -- jumped to $150.

This is the latest cost increase to shake Disneyland guests. In 2011, that same park-hopper ticket was $105. In May 2012, that price jumped to $125. That ticket price then climbed to $137 in June 2013.

A one-day ticket to just one of those parks has also jumped from $92 to $96.

In comparison, a one-day ticket to Cedar Point in Sandusky costs $49.99.

Many turned to Facebook to vent their frustrations with the Disneyland price increase.

Avery Kung:

As if it wasn't expensive enough to go into the park and dine. What ever happened to being able to bring your family to have time together at the happiest place on earth? If I could rate the disgust of the outrageous price/price increase I would rate Disney -5 of 5. It is a small fortune just to spend a few days in Disneyland. Every child should be able to experience Disneyland at an affordable price but with your corporate greed someday Disneyland will be a forgotten dark place ruined by an evil greedy corporation.

Vanessa Torres-McGuire:

I used to love going and having my pass for over 15 years. but thanks to your price raises last year and AGAIN this year, forget it. and SHAME on the powers that be, because you are making huge profits and don't seem to care about the rest of us who USED to enjoy disney. Now I am going to go see about purchasing a Knotts pass!

Dave Honderd:

Shame on you, Disney! Seriously?! I love Disney and some of my happiest memories were made there but this is unacceptable and now forever taints my sterling impression of you. This isn't American Airlines! You've turned in to a stingy corporation fixated on the bottom line, money. How much profit will be enough? I guess Disney is turning in to an exclusive upper class club for the affluent. The Magic of Disney has been ruined by greedy shareholders. It's just getting too expensive to wish upon a star nowadays and Walt has to be turning in his grave. This really is heart-breaking. What are you guys thinking?!

Traci Portillo:

You guys are making Disneyland virtually unaffordable. I wonder what Mr. Disney would think.

30 years ago, a one-day ticket for the main Disneyland park -- prior to California Adventure opening -- was $14.

Earlier this year, Disney announced it had increased admission to all four of its parks in Orlando, Fla.