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Face Shields vs. Face Masks: Take your pick

To protect yourself from getting coronavirus, some would argue that a face mask would be your best protection, but experts say a face shield offers more protection.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego County requires a face covering be worn in public spaces and where social distancing is a challenge. However, some doctors would urge you to take it a step further and wear a face shield for better protection. Others say you need to wear both a shield and a mask to protect yourself against COVID-19.

Take your pick: A face mask or a face shield. A growing number of healthcare professionals wear face shields, but more people choose to wear masks.

Even some medical experts are divided on the protection preference.

"I do believe face shields offer a bit more protection than a mask. I think right now, wearing a face shield and a mask underneath is probably overkill,” said NYU Professor Dr. Jack Caravanos.

But Dr. Saskia Popescu, an epidemiologist, told Inside Edition you should wear both mask and shield.

"If you're considering a face shield, it shouldn't override the need to still wear a mask. You should be using both of them,” Popescu said.

One face shield simulation shows how it can reduce germ exposure by 96% when someone near you coughs. Face shields also cover your mouth, nose and eyes while face masks don't.

Face shields also make it easier to breathe, talk, clean, and reuse.

In Temecula, Paulson Manufacturing on Rainbow Canyon Road is making face shields. The plant uses a punch press, where the plastic is cut out in an exact pattern and design of the face shield.

There are now a number of different face shield-making videos online, where anyone can take a 2-liter plastic bottle, cut off the top and bottom and then cut it down the middle. Next, cut in two holes on each side to put in strings that will go around your head. Then cut off some padding that you'll stick to the top to rest comfortably on your forehead.

The finished product may not be the cutest, but it is still effective. Many online vendors sell face shields as well.

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