SAN DIEGO — Impacts of the coronavirus continue to stretch into the community. San Diegans are seeing empty shelves and long lines at local stores. The number of presumptive positive cases tops a dozen. Impacts of the virus hit home for our News 8 family as well.

There’s more shock across San Diego County stores over dwindling supply amid coronavirus fears.

From extremely long lines to frozen food and dairy sections left empty.

Some say it is a sign of the times as the Sprouts store in Bay Park had orange signs that read:  "We are limiting bath tissue and paper towels to two per customer."

And inside a crowded Costco, another sign read: "We need to limit purchases for all bottled water, two of each unit per day per membership"

“I didn't think there was going to be a crowd like this today,” said Alice at the Mission Valley Costco store.

Crowds lined up in the rain standing outside with umbrellas for nearly an hour in order to get inside the store.

“This is going to take for hours, I've been seeing other locations, i’m not going to sit out here and wait in line and get sick,” Alice said.

In San Diego, the number of those testing presumptive positive for COVID-19 reached over one dozen. That includes two Marines at MCAS Miramar who are now in isolation and receiving medical care on the base. 

This as nearly 500 passengers from the grand princess cruise ship are at Miramar for their 14-day quarantine.

Then a sailor at Naval base San Diego tested presumptive positive it is currently quarantined at home.

A sign along the 163 freeway said: "COVID-19 LESS IS MORE AVOID GATHERINGS."

Meteorologist Shawn Styles is back home in San Diego after a ski trip in the French and Swiss Alps for his wife Molly’s birthday. “This is day three and a half into my self-exile or quarantine. I have had no symptoms whatsoever. I have not felt sick at all,” Styles said.

When Styles flew home from Switzerland Wednesday morning there was no European travel van until he landed in Los Angeles.

"It was in over the Atlantic flight into LAX where the travel ban was instituted, and when we made our way into LAX, it was a totally different scene."

Styles says suddenly everyone was wearing masks. Now at home as it has been raining, he is feeling homesick for work.

“I wish I was at work forecasting the weather. But It's doing the right thing for the rest of the public."

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