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San Diego mother contracts COVID-19 after Moderna vaccine

After being fully vaccinated for five months, mother of two Amber Delecce-Forge contracted COVID-19. She first noticed she lost her sense of taste and smell.

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego mother had a "breakthrough case" of COVID-19 after receiving the Moderna vaccine. A breakthrough case simply means a virus broke through the vaccine's protection. 

"It was shocking. I didn’t think it could happen to me," said Amber Delecce-Forge, a San Diego mother of two who was suffering from COVID-19, even though she got fully vaccinated with Moderna in February. 

"I've been vaccinated for five months," she said.

Delecce-Forge is the swimsuit line owner of PQ Swim. During the pandemic, she and her team used leftover Lycra to make masks for hospital, nursing home and school workers. But now, instead of working, she is quarantined at home.

"This has become my whole world- this guest bedroom," Delecce-Forge laughs.

She said she noticed symptoms after traveling to Miami for a swimsuit show with her daughter. 

"I lost my sense of taste and smell," she said.

Dr. Abisole Olulade with Sharp Hospital in San Diego said it is exceedingly rare for this to happen.

"In terms of statistics, there are only 00.395% of breakthrough cases. That is so small. If you are unvaccinated, get a vaccine as soon as possible, your risk now is higher," said Dr. Olulade. "This is not unexpected. There is no vaccine that is 100%."

Despite Delecce-Forge's current circumstances, she said she is grateful she got vaccinated. 

"I would 100% advise people to get vaccinated. I feel more secure and will not end up in the hospital and not end up going to die," said Delecce-Forge.

Dr. Olulade said vaccinations are stalling and COVID cases are going up which is concerning. She said even if you are vaccinated, to still take measures to wash your hands, social distance and wear a mask if needed. 

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