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San Diego District Attorney presses felony charge against 12-year-old over Snapchat message

The 7th grader ran out of the principal's office at Carmel Valley Middle School. His 13-word Snapchat post later that day would eventually lead to a felony charge.

Dorian Hargrove, Marcella Lee (Anchor/Reporter), Mike Edison

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Published: 10:48 PM PST December 15, 2022
Updated: 5:39 AM PST December 16, 2022

The 12-year-old boy knew he was in trouble the moment he ran out of the Principal's Office at Carmel Valley Middle School in November of 2021. 

He had no idea just what kind of trouble he would be in.

After running out of the principal's office, the seventh-grader logged onto Snapchat and wrote, 'Just dipped outta school ran out that bitch in the office dead tom.'

Hours later police arrested him and last month, a year after the message, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan charged the boy with a felony, for making a criminal threat "that will result in death or great bodily injury."

The boy's mother says her son was saying the school principal jumped the gun by calling the police on what was not intended to be a threat but instead a message about how much trouble he was in.

The mother is now suing San Dieguito Union High School District for its handling.

She feels the district and the District Attorney are retaliating against her and her son for filing a lawsuit against the district and speaking out against her son's arrest and the school's response to what she says was a harmless social media post. 

San Dieguito Union High School officials disagree.

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