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Video shows ‘party house’ where teen alleges rape by SDSU football players

Homeowner recorded video in neighborhood on the night teen alleges she was raped.

SAN DIEGO — Video obtained by CBS 8 shows San Diego State University students roaming the streets in a neighborhood near campus on the evening of an alleged rape inside a nearby house.

A neighbor recorded cell phone video on the night of October 16, 2021 several doors down from the house where a 17-year-old girl said she was raped by several SDSU football players.

“There was a party behind us that was broken up by SDPD at about 10 p.m. and students all walked around the corner over to here. Then, they became like a mob and they wouldn't leave. They were looking for something to do,” the neighbor said.

“This is what happens on every weekend in this neighborhood,” said the neighbor, who agreed to speak with CBS 8 on the condition she is not identified.

After police broke up the first party, students started walking down the street toward the house where the football players were partying, according to the neighbor.

When the alleged rape victim first spoke to CBS 8, she confirmed she was drinking at a different party in the neighborhood before leaving and walking down the street to another party at the house where the alleged assault took place.

“I arrived at the party.  I had already been drinking with the friends that I arrived there with.  And, when I walked into the party, I was approached by someone who then gave me a drink and introduced themselves. I was already very intoxicated,” the teenager recalled during her interview on July 28.

CBS 8 is not identifying the young woman, who has since turned age 18.

The teenager is not seen in the video recorded that night by the neighbor down the street.

One year prior to the alleged rape, on August 29, 2020, CBS 8 producer Jack Molmud recorded cell phone video of a loud party the same house, which is located less than a half mile from the SDSU campus.

At that time, CBS 8 was documenting parties in the area because neighbors were complaining about San Diego State students being out of control.

The CBS 8 video showed the house late at night with a loud party going on inside.

The anonymous neighbor told CBS 8 she has been calling police for years to report wild parties, violence on her street, and underage drinking.

“I don't fault police at all because there are not enough of them to come here.  This neighborhood needs help,” she said.

“We don't seem to get any help from SDSU.  They have a lot of party programs, which are designed to look like they're helping the neighborhood and they don't do anything.  They don't come off campus to help us in any way.  So, we're just stuck,” the neighbor said.

The San Diego Police Department has a zero-tolerance program in place called the Community Assisted Party Program (CAPP), where properties in the College Area get flagged for having parties with underage drinking.  Repeat violators can be charged civil fines of $1,000.

However, SDPD said the house in question was not flagged under the CAPP program.

The neighbor who recorded the cell phone video said she was heartbroken to hear a teenage girl may have been raped inside a bedroom by several SDSU students, on the same night she was out in the neighborhood videotaping students.

“I was absolutely sick to think I was standing out there when that was happening.  I was absolutely sick to my stomach, just completely sad for that young woman,” she said.

The house in question is owned by an LLC.  CBS 8 reached out to the owner, who did not respond to messages.

SDPD confirmed its criminal investigation is still “active” more than nine months after alleged assault. A police spokesperson said the case has not been forwarded to the San Diego County District Attorney for criminal prosecution.

SDSU is now conducting its own investigation aimed at improving policies to keep students safe.

San Diego State University President Adela de la Torre declined an offer to be interviewed on camera by CBS 8, after releasing a statement online saying she was, “heartbroken about the horrific details reported to have occurred during an October 2021 off-campus sexual assault allegedly involving several SDSU student-athletes and a young woman.”

“No one is above the law, and anyone found to have violated the law and university policy should suffer the consequences,” the statement said.

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