SAN DIEGO — Phoenix police last week arrested San Diego Padres pitcher Jacob Nix after he was accused of breaking into a suburban home through a doggie door and was shot with a Taser by the homeowner.

Charging documents indicate the 23-year-old Nix was under the influence of either alcohol or drugs during last Sunday's incident.

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Police say Nix tried to crawl through the doggie door of a Peoria home shortly before 4 a.m.

The homeowner discovered Nix and kicked him in the face. The 911 calls from the Arizona homeowner have been released.

911 caller: “I have a guy breaking into my house right now. This guy is in my doggy door right now. My husband has his taser. This guy just got out of the doggy (heavy breathing).

The woman tells the 911 dispatcher her husband is an off-duty officer and the suspect was kicked in the face.

911 caller: “My dog alerted me. My dog was barking and then I saw what looked like a flashlight on the side of my house. My husband just tased him.”

Yelling can be heard in the 911 call.

911 caller: “They are running down the street, our cul-de-sac. One guy just fell.”

The homeowner calls 911 back.

911 caller: “My husband has his duty weapon with him. He is going out the front door now to see.”

The documents indicate Nix told responding officers he thought he was entering his house.

But he would not elaborate when asked why he tried to go inside when his own house has no doggie door.

Nix told police an Uber had dropped him off at the wrong address. He told authorities he was too intoxicated to explain actions.

911 caller: “Oh my gosh! We got the guy’s cellphone. He dropped his cellphone in our house.”

The Padres said in a statement last Thursday that the team is aware of the incident and has been in contact with authorities and the commissioner's office.

According to the complaint, Thomas Cosgrove, a minor league pitcher for the Padres, was there and pulled Nix out of the door.

Nix and Cosgrove were charged with first-degree criminal trespassing.

Nix is scheduled to be back in court on Wednesday.