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Lakeside golf course taken over by crows

The birds have made the Willowbrook Golf Course in Lakeside their new destination every night.

SAN DIEGO — Residents in one Lakeside neighborhood say they’ve noticed a growing population of crows recently.

The birds have made the Willowbrook Golf Course & Grill in Lakeside their new destination every night. 

The people who live there are describing it as an 'invasion.'

“I’d say there’s several hundred…this is the first time I see all the crows like this,” said David DeHoff, a longtime resident. DeHoff said after spending a few weeks away on vacation, he came back home to find a 'sea' of crows. 

He says, they typically come at dusk and then disappear into the night. 

“It’s been every night since we’ve been back and I don’t remember them being here before we left…Other than that, they’re just roaming around after dark, where they go after dark, I don’t know,” said DeHoff. 

Neighbors say they don’t know what’s attracting the birds to the golf course behind their house. 

It’s not the first time the crows have made southern California their home. 

Throughout the years, the birds have been sighted in neighborhoods across San Diego County and surrounding areas. 

The population has been on the rise since the 1980’s, thanks to an abundance of food. Although crows can be aggressive when it comes to food, according to the San Diego Audubon Society, DeHoff and his neighbors say, "So far, so good.” 

Crows tend to feed on insects, fruits, and seeds, but they are also known for killing other birds. 

It's still not clear why they have started targeting the golf course or where exactly they are coming from. 

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