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A hyper-realistic active shooter and mass casualty simulation helps to prepare for the real event

Dozens of first responders and medical professionals took part in the simulation to help prepare for the possibility of a real event.

Dozens of first responders took place in a simulated active shooter and mass casualty event on Saturday in Kearny Mesa. Local firefighters, paramedics, and police participated in the event to teach educators and clinicians how to conduct similar scenarios for crisis training across the country. 

The training exercise was for attendees of the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare conference (IMSH 2020) taking place in San Diego. The San Diego conference included healthcare educators and clinicians from across the world.

The event took place on the backlot of the former Stu Segall Productions TV studio. The simulation included hyper-realistic explosions and actors portraying active shooters, bombers and point of injury casualties. 

The event also included a new "Cut Suit," a training suit that can be worn by people to simulate actual surgical procedures. 

"Paramedics will perform life-saving procedures on people wearing the Cut Suit at the point of injury," said STOPS Executive Vice President Kit Lavell. "And doctors will perform surgery on live humans in the operating room. Of course, they will be wearing Cut Suits."

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