SAN DIEGO — The Holidays are a time for family, telling stories, and for some families, sharing history.

Author of "Heart of Steel," Kevin Miller, on Tuesday shared his family secrets he has uncovered and gives advice on how to handle family baggage. 

"Heart of Steel" is a true story that begins when Air Force veteran Miller accidentally discovers in an old yellowed newspaper clipping that his real last name isn't the all-American Miller, but the very Polish, Puchalski. 

Miller soon learns that his grandfather Stanley "Miller" Puchalski was a man with many secrets, and they were all buried with him.

This sent Miller on a dogged search back through time for clues from decades-old newspaper clippings that were his only hope to find out what happened. What he discovered shook him to his core. 

Miller's grandfather was involved in a murder-mystery, an indescribable tragedy, a major midwestern scandal and a daring escape, pushing him beyond impossible odds towards healing, redemption and finally true love and real forgiveness.