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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

The month is a time for mothers and fathers who have lost children to honor their babies memories.

It is a topic that many people experience, but don’t really talk about. Losing a baby. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month and is a time for mothers and fathers who have lost children to honor their babies memories.

It is also a time for loved ones to offer support to someone who has lost a child. Kristen Wessel and Kristi Burch are both mothers who have experienced losses of their own and they shared some gift ideas that can help parents keep their babies memories alive.

Gift ideas for those who have lost a child:

  • Arleigh Acres books - These books are extremely versatile and can be personalized to honor loved ones or they can be inscribed with fun sayings, Bible verses, or even flipped over and used as more simple decoration for your shelf, mantle or bedside table.
  • Ilado Jewelry - The amulet: This gold-plated necklace is inspired by the meaningful beauty and magic of the traditional Thai amulet. It is worn over the heart, like a window to your soul. Place your precious charms inside to remember those you have loved and those you have lost. Ilado offers alphabet and birthstone charms. As well as the words "luck," "love," and "joy" and also a Tree of Life charm.
  • Comfort Cub - Many mothers who experience the death of an infant also experience 'empty arm syndrome,' whereby their arms truly ache from the loss of the child they never got to hold. They often find relief only when carrying a weighted object in their arms. When the Comfort Cub creators father asked her to hold a flower pot when they went to visit her son's grave, she suddenly felt relief holding that flower pot. That was the beginning of discovering how weighted therapy could help her and other mothers.

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