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Tips to create a better sleep routine

Dr. Atul Malhotra stopped by to talk about the science of sleep and Ashley Jacobs gave tips and products to help you catch those z’s easier.

SAN DIEGO — Daylight Saving Time: love it or hate it... it’s happening November 3rd. While many people look forward to getting an “extra” hour of sleep this time of year, an expert from UCSD says be careful... you could throw off your whole routine.

Sleep expert Dr. Atul Malhotra shares his recommendations on sleep time while Lifestyle Expert Ashley Jacobs showcases some of her favorite products to make sleep routines more enjoyable.

Interested in the products shown? Check them out!

Petite Plume Pajamas - Make sure to get the right size to maximize comfort and safety!

Infinity Pillow - This pillow can be folded, molded, knotted and more so that you can get the perfect position to ensure that you're sleeping soundly through the night  

The Rooted Co - For those comfortable using CBD products, this is another all-natural remedy to calm the body. It is very popular right now at spas and can be used at home safely 

Nasopure - Congestion is a leading cause of losing sleep for children and adults - these rinse kits are designed for particular age categories

UltraViolet - Skin irritation can keep you awake at night, so making sure that you have a bedtime routine that includes moisturizing is key to getting a good night's rest  

Mox Mind & Body

itSpray - This natural herbal sleep aid will help you fall and stay asleep

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