SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Ever seen trash in your community and it just annoyed you? Have you ever done anything about it?

In this week's Change It Up report we are highlighting the work of Kathy Pillman.

She started cleaning up trash in her hometown, and now she's started a movement, and it's having a big impact on El Cajon.

"It's changed a lot since I was younger, and there's a lot of trash everywhere and areas you don't want to take your kids to,” said Kathy.

So, she got a few people together and started picking up trash around El Cajon.

Her first cleanup hauled in 600 pounds of junk.

"We find anything from household trash to needles, to feces, tires bumpers, random crazy things everywhere,” Kathy said.

After circulating clean-up crew fliers at city council meetings, her group has grown exponentially in a matter of weeks.

"Our Facebook page has over 130 people, and every so often our groups range from 7-15 people,” said Kathy.

And those groups have been busy, going out every Wednesdays and Saturday.

Their total so far has been 3,100 pounds of trash collected.

"We're proud of what we've done,” said Kathy. "It's a good feeling, and to take a step back and look and see what you did, sometimes it will be terrible, it feels really good.”

Waste Management is aware of the big impact Kathy's group has made and waves the fee for them to dump the trash.

"If everyone continues to dump trash it's going to be terrible,” said Kathy. “We can actually help and make a difference.”

News 8 honored Change It Up Champion Kathy with the Change It Up award for the hundreds of pounds of trash she and her group have collected.

Kathy said she is looking for more volunteers to join. If interested, you can find her Facebook page here.

News 8 is celebrating San Diegans making a difference and having a positive impact in our communities.

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