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San Diego diver finds rare fish in Point Loma

Marc Hale was with a dive group on Saturday off Point Loma at 65-feet when he spotted the creature.

SAN DIEGO — When you look out across the ocean, there's a lot of action taking place with the waves but it's below the surface things are really happening.

A scuba diver, who's been diving in the ocean waters for over two decades, sent a picture of a creature he's never seen.

"At first I thought it was some kind of Elephant or Manatee something...but that wasn't reasonable seeing that Manatee's don't live here," said Hale. 

Marc Hale was with a dive group on Saturday off Point Loma at 65-feet when he spotted the creature.

"You could see one of its fins moving back and forth like it was trying to move. You could also see it was moving back and forth.

Hale was heading much deeper to look for Nudibranchs, one of his favorites but had stopped to adjust his buoyancy.

"So, the right-side front of it kind of had a beak and the backside had kind of a flat tail for the fin.

Diving since 1999, he has seen plenty of sea life from around the world.

"I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Hale. “One day you see something and then the next something totally different, we're so fortunate here,”

Curious about what he found, Hale turned to the Facebook page ‘San Diego County Dive Reports,’ which has over 4,000 followers. And it didn't take long for people to chime in, including Charlotte Seid, a scientist with Scripps Institution of Oceanography to have an answer.

"She refers to it as this specific group Carinaria Japonica, as these have been seen in the area by Scripps scientists recently and historically,” said Hale.

Common name is 'Jellephant' and Hale is feeling pretty good about his find.

"She also says it was an awesome find,” said Hale. “And when this lady says it's an awesome find, it's an awesome find, like you don't see these very often.”

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