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Scripps Ranch teen writes apology for damage to Jerabek Park

Fixing the park’s damaged lawn and 21 broken sprinklers cost $15,000 in repairs.

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego County teen has issued an unusual public apology. In this week’s Scripps Ranch newsletter "The Voice," the teenager who vandalized Jerabek Park back in December has taken out a full-page ad addressing the Scripps Ranch community. 

The teen’s letter says in part:  

"I was at the park that night along with some friends and we thought it would be cool to drive on the grass. This poor decision caused damage that adversely affected many people who use the park and for that I am truly sorry."  

Bob Ilko with the Scripps Ranch Civic Association called the apology a teaching moment.   

"It's part of the educational process for the person who did it and for other people and for the parents,” said Ilko.  

Fixing the park’s damaged lawn and 21 broken sprinklers cost $15,000 in repairs. In the apology letter, the teen says they are paying restitution for the damage out of their educational savings account. They go on to say that they wish they could go back in time and make a better choice.   

Ilko says he hopes these words will resonate with other teens and their parents.  

"You can't prevent it, but you can at least try to prevent it from happening again [when they are] learning from their mistakes,” Ilko said.  

The person responsible is never named but ends the apology letter with “signed a remorseful Scripps Ranch Teen.”  

In the letter, the teen also says they plan to do community service and pay for the $1,000 reward that the community put up to find the vandals.