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UCSD professor studies how headphones can help build relationships

This new study says a listener feels psychologically closer to a person with the use of headphones.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — A UC San Diego professor spent six years researching the topic of headphones and how they can help you connect with others. 

This new study says a listener feels psychologically closer to a person with the use of headphones.

"When you’re listening to something in your headphones, it’s more of a connection of you and the thing you’re listening to," said Armin Suraj.

UCSD student Armin Suraj, uses his headphones daily.

"You don’t want to be watching a video all the time, and even if you are, headphones are the way to go,"

Ryan says headphones offer him the ability to be mobile and still hear his favorite podcast.

"The motions you get while talking to someone in your headset I think gives a more intimate personal feeling," said Ryan.

And that’s exactly what this new study is talking about.

"When you listen through headphones you feel closer to the speaker, that carries interesting implications such as, thinking of them as nicer for example," said On Amir.

Professor and co-author On Amir say the difference between using headphones over listening to audio on speakers has a significant impact on one’s perceptions and even judgment over someone. 

"Headsets provide in head localization the voice is coming from your head that’s why you feel closer to someone," said Amir.

And while you may think it’s simple, this has never been studied or looked into before.

After years of research and thousands of tests the message is pretty simple.

"Despite the constraints brought upon us to create this distance if you want to bring people together emotionally, you’re better off using headsets," said Amir.

Amir says this new study paves the way for learning in classrooms, meetings, and even social interactions.

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