Forget yard sales and dusty old shops – there's a better way make money off those books that are just getting dusty on your bookshelf, without ever having to leave home.

And you can sell your books by the box-full, in one easy shipment, instead of painstakingly listing each title on Amazon, then shipping to different buyers.

The website gives you cash back for your new or used books. Shipping is free and there are no fees to become a member of the website.

You enter the book's ISBN number (usually found on the back cover) and the website will give you a price, or tell you sorry, they're not buying a particular title. You can enter up to five ISBN numbers at a time, streamlining your selling process.

When you're ready to ship, just print the pre-paid label, pack your box of books, and drop it in the mail. The website ships via USPS or FedEx.

After they've received your shipment, Cash4Books will mail you a check.

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