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Rewild vs Campland | What is the future of De Anza Cove?

The area around De Anza Cove has been a point of contention for years and there is a new twist in the chapter of this story.

SAN DIEGO — The area around De Anza Cove has been a point of contention for years and now there is a new twist in the chapter of this story. 

Rewild Mission Bay Coalition is a part of the San Diego Audubon non-profit to working to restore wetlands in the northeast corner of mission bay in De Anza Cove. 

"We want to have cleaner water for starters in the bay; that’s the most important thing. In fact, the area around De Anza Cove has some of the most brackish water in the bay and has longest area of circulation from when water enters from the sea and exits out to the sea," Tommy Hough, the campaign coordinator said. "The thing we will have as a result or restoring the wetlands is cleaner water and we will also make sure of the time we have before sea levels rise upwards of 8-10 feet over the next 80 odd years to ensure we can have same levels of wetlands we have now so the threatened and endangered species don’t lose their habitats." 

Hough says its imperative for the city to provide maximum wetland restoration to increase carbon capturing, shoreline resiliency and ensure the survival of endangered species. 

The group also says this will promote an even wider variety of recreational offerings at Mission Bay Regional Park.

"It's really important. It goes back to how this land was 100 years ago with native plants and animals and indigenous peoples and to bring some of that back will be tremendous," said Ronald Askeland, Chair of San Diego Sierra Club Conservation Committee. 

CBS 8 attempted to reach Friends of Campland for comment and were not able to get a hold of anyone Wednesday. 

However, the Friends of Campland website says," Ideally, we would like to see the Campland remain at its current location."

CBS 8 also found a local family wrote a letter to the city urging to support water front camping as the master plan. CBS 8 is still waiting to hear back from the city for comment. 

"We have some concerns. We want to see maximum wetland restoration. We're not seeing that in the city's proposal," said Hough. 

If you would like to make a comment on this issue, the deadline is April 20. Send an email to the City of San Diego Planning Commission. 

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