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Women's March to be held in San Diego

The Women's March is marching in solidarity with marches all across the country for women's reproductive rights.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — The movement started planning their first event in 2016 and in January of 2017, the National Women's March was seen and heard all across the country and right here in San Diego. 

The Women's March is taking to the streets again all across the country and right here in San Diego on Saturday morning, Oct. 2 at 10 a.m. to champion reproductive rights.

"It's been exciting to see there's over 600 marches happening across the country tomorrow," said Molly Terbovich-Ridenhour, an organizer with the Women’s March San Diego  

So no matter where you are across the country, or in San Diego county, make sure you watch for marchers in the streets because organizers with the Women's March of San Diego say reproductive rights in America are under attack. 

"After the change in the White House, (the transition from the Trump to the Biden Administration) we thought we might have a small pause of walking down those streets," said Terbovich-Ridenhour. "But when this (laws limiting abortion access) came about, we and Planned Parenthood all came together we all said, 'We have to hit the streets.'"

The state of Texas made national headlines earlier this year after banning abortions after six weeks. 

Another law, from Mississippi, is asking the Supreme Court to limit late-term abortions, according to critics of the Women's March and other pro-life groups. 

That’s why organizers with the Women's March say now is the time. 

"We have to hit the streets and we have to be loud and we have to throw out a call of action to the community," said Terbovich-Ridenhour. "Women have fundamental rights. Women need to have a voice as to how they control their bodies. It should not be controlled by the government."

The march will start at Harbor Drive and Ash Street near Waterfront Park. 

The Women's March will take Harbor south past G Street where marchers will make a left onto Pacific Highway headed north, back up to ash, marching less than a mile and a half. 

Organizers say if you're interested in joining the march Saturday morning; Bring your sign, a bottle of water, a walking buddy and your mask as they try to adhere to COVID safety guidelines. 

"If you see us, cheer us on. Cheer us on from your homes or from wherever you are, whether it's virtual or in person." said Terbovich-Ridenhour.

Organizers with the Women's March of San Diego say they're looking for a show of solidarity this weekend before the supreme court starts their 2021-2022 session on Monday, October 4. 

On the other side of this argument, pro-life organizers will have their "March for Life" in January 2022 in Washington DC.

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