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Bay Park residents upset over large utility pole blocking backyard views

Those living on Burgener Blvd. in Bay Park say they didn't get a notice from SDG&E placing a 35-foot utility pole. However, SDG&E says otherwise.

SAN DIEGO — It started as a 25-foot Douglas Fir utility pole that recently got replaced with another one. The only problem is that the new one is 10-feet taller, and residents are upset.

If your neighborhood still doesn’t have underground power lines you might find yourself in the same situation as Jeff Fletcher, a Bay Park homeowner who woke up one morning with an irritating surprise in his backyard.

His sunset and ocean views are blocked by a 35-foot utility pole, bringing frustration to his family and hurting his property value.

“It's so big, you walk out and the only thing you can look at is this pole,” said Fletcher.

People living on Burgener Boulevard, who paid a premium for their view, could end up with giant utility poles next to their home and sometimes right in front.

CBS 8 drove around Burgener Blvd and witnessed a home that has utility wires coming out of a bush in the front yard.

“Now, there's just one big feature right in the middle of your view and that's extremely frustrating,” said Fletcher.

He says he was not notified by SDG&E who put the poles there. Adding that the company did not give him a concrete response when he questioned it.

“They’re not being transparent,” said Fletcher.

CBS 8 contacted SDG&E over the phone to get some answers and they expressed that there are two reasons why the small utility pole was taken down

The first one being the weight, the company says that during a catastrophic event that utility pole could pose a threat.

However, the company emphasized that there was no risk factor for the public when that pole was originally standing.

The second reason, the distance between utility wires were not spaced out enough.

SDG&E said the company always works to keep the customers happy, but some decisions are based on avoiding risk factors.

Still the issue brings up the question of safety and losing property value.

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