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What to know if your home or car is damaged from recent storms

Across the state, people are dealing with flooding, downed trees and mudslides.

SAN DIEGO — People all over the state are dealing with weather-related damage, which has left many wondering who is responsible if your home floods or if a tree falls onto your property.

You may be covered, but only if you have the right insurance.

CBS8 reached out to Aaron Farmer, a San Diego-based agent with Jump Insurance Services.

For starters, what do you do if your home floods?

Farmer says unless you have flood insurance, you're likely on the hook for the damages.

“If you're in a high-risk flood zone, then the mortgage company will require that you get a flood policy but when you're not in a high-risk flood zone and people are not in those zones then it's optional. So, a lot of people are finding out today they don't have coverage for these floods," said Farmer.

"Rain itself, water, and rain are not generally covered on a homeowners policy but damage from wind is, so if wind took off your roof and rain got in, generally you would then be covered," said Farmer.

What about trees?

Who is responsible if one falls and damages your home or car?

For homes, Farmer says if it's on your property and you kept it well maintained, your homeowner's policy should cover the cost.

"When it comes to wind, trees, then your homeowner's hazard policy generally would take care of that," said Farmer.

And what if your car was damaged?

Farmer says you should also be covered if you have comprehensive insurance.

Keep in mind, the state of California only requires drivers to have liability coverage.

Another thing to consider: What if the tree is involved is it the responsibility of your neighbor or the city?

If it’s a neighbor, your insurance company can go after their insurance company.

As for the city, a San Diego spokesperson sent CBS8 a statement, saying in part:

"Someone can file a claim with the city and staff from the Risk Management Department will investigate, as they do with all claims filed with the city. Each claim is evaluated on its own merit based on individual facts and circumstances. They of course are also able to file with their insurance company. Information about filing a claim with the City is available here: https://www.sandiego.gov/riskmanagement/services/liability

In every situation, experts advise the first thing to do is call your insurance agent, and make sure you take videos and pictures to document everything.

If you're a renter, the landlord is supposed to handle any damage to your home.

But, unless you have renters insurance, if any of your items were damaged, that's likely not covered.

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