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La Mesa welcome sign in disrepair for years | When will the city fix it?

"It's an eyesore and doesn’t make La Mesa look real good," said Joe Baughles who lives in La Mesa.

LA MESA, Calif. — A welcome sign in La Mesa isn't so welcoming at least according to many people in the area. Several people in La Mesa told CBS 8's Ariana Cohen the welcome sign near Lake Shore Drive has been in disrepair for more than two years and they reached out to CBS 8 for help.

"It's a terrible eyesore," said Cathy Edwall who lives in La Mesa. 

"It's an eyesore and doesn’t make La Mesa look real good," said Joe Baughles who lives in La Mesa.

"It's crumbling literally on the ground. I don’t know how much worse it can get," said Sean Shahri who has lived in La Mesa for 25 years. 

For well over a year, the old sign has been covered with this notice indicating that a new sign will be installed.

"I think putting a sign on top of a sign is a junior varsity move. They should really step up and get the sign fixed. La Mesa has more game than that," said Baughles. 

"It makes the neighborhood look trashy. If a neighborhood looks trashy, then people trash it. So, I would like to see it fixed," said Edwall.

Cohen emailed and called the City of La Mesa’s manager’s office last week. They sent this statement to CBS 8: 

The City’s Public Works Department is actively working on this project and we will have a status update for you on Monday.

By Tuesday, Cohen had not yet heard back. 

In the meantime, people living in La Mesa have a message for city officials. 

"It gives the impression that we don’t care about the city and the city doesn’t care about the image of the city. We are all paying taxes for this to be taken care of," said Shahri. 

"Please fix the Welcome to La Mesa sign so it looks good entering and exiting La Mesa," said Edwall. 

"Please repair the sign and everyone will be happy if you do. The uncertainty is unsettling for people in La Mesa," said Baughles. 

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