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'Chocolate of the Month Club' may be the answer to COVID stress

Chef Dayleen reinvents her life to open D’Liteful Chocolat Patisserie & Chocolatier in Lake San Marcos

LAKE SAN MARCOS, Calif. — If something sweet is your answer to a tough day, this story is for you. In this Zevely Zone, I went to Lake San Marcos to experience a chocolate lover's dream.

"I kind of always loved chocolate a kid," said Dayleen Coleman.  She is the owner of  D’Liteful Chocolat Patisserie & Chocolatier. 

Dayleen wasn't necessarily Charlie from the Chocolate Factory as a kid but, "We didn't have any chocolate in the house. My mom was a single parent, we couldn't really afford chocolate," said Dayleen.  

When she grew up and became a mother herself and then social worker, a voice in the back of her head kept whispering, "Gosh I would love to go to culinary school and it's kind of like go big or go home go to the most sought after culinary school in the world," said Dayleen.

Credit: D’Liteful Chocolat Patisserie & Chocolatier

Off to London, she flew to attend Le Cordon Bleu for a degree in delectables and suddenly Chef Dayleen completed a childhood fantasy. 

"I don't know it was this exotic thing that I always kind of worshiped in a way," said Dayleen.  

Credit: D’Liteful Chocolat Patisserie & Chocolatier

Chocolate lovers can load up at her shop D’Liteful Chocolat or sit back and wait for a delicious delivery. Ched Dayleen just launched a Chocolate of the Month Club - who couldn't use that?

Credit: D’Liteful Chocolat Patisserie & Chocolatier

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Each month, Chef Dayleen Coleman, and her team of chocolatiers, will create a carefully curated D'Liteful Club Box (in their signature purple box) of chocolate gifts, from customers’ favorites like chocolate truffles to specialty treats like toffee, barks, macarons, and chocolate-dipped baked goods. 

“We are so excited to offer our gourmet hand-crafted chocolates and chocolate gifts year-round – it’s the perfect sweet gift for every chocolate enthusiast,” said Coleman.  

The club is $50/month with a 3-month or 6-month subscription, at $150 or $300. Each membership also receives discounts on purchases made in-store and online while the account is active. The custom monthly gift boxes will be delivered, or available for easy pick-up, on the same week of each month.

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This is her way of spoiling her best customers. One of which is Robin Rhoads who admits peanut butter cup truffles live a short but happy life. 

"They have a gift with chocolate it's some of the best chocolate I've had," said Robin.  

When you have a gift, you share it. Chef Dayleen teaches the art of chocolate making to the young and old. 

"Everybody, I have kids as young as six and 5 or 6 and I have people come in as old as 92," said Dayleen.

Credit: D’Liteful Chocolat Patisserie & Chocolatier

Let's be honest, 2020's been a tough year. When life happens. Chocolate helps. 

"That's kind of my motto, I love chocolate. I think it's a universal thing that everybody loves," said Dayleen.

Success never tasted so sweet which is why Chef Dayleen put the D in D'Liteful.

The shop is located at Lake San Marcos at 1030 La Bonita Drive, Suite #200.  

For more information on sweets or classes click here.



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