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New restaurant wants to invite you and your dog to breakfast

Cali Breakfast offers one menu for humans and a separate menu for your dog!

SAN DIEGO — A new restaurant in Cortez Hill wants to invite you and your dog to breakfast. In this Zevely Zone, I greeted a bus full of new customers at Cali Breakfast. Sometimes when you are really hungry for breakfast you need to let the big and little dogs eat. Cali Breakfast sits on the corner of 7th Avenue and Ash Street.

Credit: Cali Breakfast

They're cooking up something special for you and your dog. "Yeah, they have a dog menu, so I was really interested in what they have to offer," said Leila Offner. She is the owner of Precious Petcare. She and her husband pulled up to the restaurant in a pink bus filled with dogs. Leila loves to spoil her daycare dog clients. "We have Joey, Archie, Harry, Percy and Moses. They are always hungry," said Leila.

Credit: Cali Breakfast

At Cali Breakfast they have one menu for humans and a separate menu for dogs. "Absolutely, you know dogs have replaced kids these days, so they better have a menu, we treat them like royalty when they come here," said Sara Arjmand who is the Cali Breakfast marketing master. "They have three options to choose from. The Cali-ccino, which is a version of Starbuck's cappuccino, a dry dog bowl and then a Cali patty, all organic grass-fed beef," said Sara.  

Credit: Precious Petcare

Leila couldn't hold off the hounds any longer. They enjoyed their first meal at Cali Breakfast and were ready to give their first review. "Hopefully it's a five-star Yelp review," said Leila.  The owner of the restaurant is a dog lover but's let not forget that humans pay the bill. As much as I love my dog, I think I may love a good breakfast even more. So, Sara showed me what is on the menu for pet owners.

Credit: Cali Breakfast

"Definitely, we have an amazing breakfast burrito here. A Sweetness of Tower here, I mean if you have a sweet tooth this is your place. Incredible waffles, French toast, pancakes all in one," said Sara. "A smoked salmon benedict and a toast they are both right here. The breakfast tacos are absolutely amazing you know being in San Diego tacos are a big choice."

Credit: Cali Breakfast

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As for the doggy taste test? "We are ready for them," said Sara. I watched a dog named Harry gulp down the Cali Patty. Two paws up!! Another dog named Percy went for the dry kibble. She was a fan! And finally, a dog named Moses ate the Cali-ccino which looks more like a birthday cake. "I think Moses is loving it, loving it," said Sara. This restaurant has, you guessed it, gone to the dogs.

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While the dogs eat, pet owners can also order a special build your own Bloody Marry that comes with shrimp or steak. For more information about Cali Breakfast click here.

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