SAN DIEGO — Sometimes a whole lot of ugly can add up to something beautiful. 

In Monday's Zevely Zone, Jeff dressed up, or down depending on your opinion, for the Caddyhack Golf Festival at the Morgan Run Club and Resort in Rancho Sante Fe.  

It is a charity golf tournament filled with color and characters.  

"A lot of polyesters had to die to make this sweater," said a Rodney Dangerfield look-alike. 

You should see some of these horrible outfits the golfers are wearing who are bringing in the green for a good cause. 

"This isn't your grandpa's cowboy outfit," said Ernie Hahn.  

After 28 years of music and marketing at the Pechanga  Arena, Ernie knows how to hit a hole in one. 

"Caddyhack is our spin on Caddyshack, so you will see a lot of cool outfits as you go around, "said Hahn. 

All proceeds benefit the Boys to Men Mentoring Network that's making a difference in the lives of a thousand boys a week. 

"If they grow up without a father they are nine times more likely to drop out of school. They are 10 times more likely to be involved with drugs and alcohol," said Attila Tota, one of the mentors.  

Boys like 15-year-old Xavier West who grew up without a father but learned, "What I'm doing is important. What I am doing has a purpose."  

Events like these help Xavier meet role models like the former Charger Kassim Osgood and Padres Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman. The Padre great brought his board shorts and fun loving attitude.

According to the news release:

"A spirit of fun guides Ernie's vision for what has become "Southern California's funnest and largest charity golf tournament." From the moment the golfers step onto Morgan Run Club & Resort's 27-hole championship golf course, golfers were immersed in the zany world of Caddyhack, the 1980 cinema cult classic hailed by media outlets, such as Time and ESPN, as one of the funniest sports movies of all time." 

Adventure-seekers can take a spin on a Ferris Wheel, wade into the aromatic bubbles of title sponsor Dr. Bronner's Magic Foam Experience, and peruse a curated selection of men's athletic wear at the Travis Mathew Pop-Up Shop. 

The Caddyhack Golf Festival and fundraiser are expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Visit the Boys to Men Mentoring Network to learn more.