SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – The man accused of attacking a San Diego Police officer plead not guilty in court on Wednesday. 

The officer has been home and recovering after he was punched in the face during a skirmish at the “Patriot Picnic” at Chicano Park on Saturday. 

The police officer has not been identified yet, but the man accused of punching him in the face has been identified as 39-year-old Frederick Burnett Jefferson. 

Jefferson faces multiple felonies including battery on an officer and resisting arrest. According to Lt. Scott Wahl, Jefferson repeatedly refused officer demands. 

San Diego police have not identified which side – protester or counter-protester – Jefferson was part of on Saturday. 

The injured officer suffered several facial fractures but is expected to make a full recovery. 

Information about the officer’s history with San Diego was not immediately available. He is expected to return to duty once he is fully recovered. 

Jefferson's bail was set at $250,000.