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Online video shows reckless driver tearing through San Diego streets

The stunts of a local driver in a modified Volkswagen Beetle are getting a lot of attention on the internet. It's also got the attention of local law enforcement.

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - An online video featuring the stunts of a local driver in a modified Volkswagen Beetle is getting a lot of attention on the internet. The video is also getting the attention of local law enforcement.

The video called, "Urban Assault: San Diego Shark Attack", shows a modified Volkswagen Beetle ripping up and down the streets of San Diego, catching big air and doing a bit of off roading. The video, which was uploaded last week, identifies the driver as Blake Wilkey.

The video has already been viewed 400,000 times on YouTube and the reaction has been mixed. A lot of viewers seem to the love the video, calling the stunts “awesome.” However, others called the driver an idiot and say he's putting people’s lives in danger.

CBS News 8 spoke to a representative from the San Diego Police Department and they said usually, for a traffic citation to be issued, the offense has to occur in front of an officer. Still, they said they are going to investigate the incident and Wilkey could be looking at charges that include reckless driving and vandalism.

CBS News 8 reached out to Wilkey for comment, but he hasn’t responded to our request.

Below is the original video uploaded by Perplexed Media: