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Some are celebrating the inauguration, while others wrestle with grief

Regardless of partisanship, this last year has been incredibly difficult for many. A mental health expert gave advice on how to deal with negative feelings.

SAN DIEGO — There are certainly mixed emotions over the inauguration on Wednesday. Many are joyful and excited, but many others have expressed fear and worry over what may happen to the country now. All of these feelings are normal.

With a new administration in power coupled with recent events including the pandemic, shutdowns, riots, insurrection and more, many are in a state of total exhaustion and are not sure where to turn.

A San Diego mental expert said these feelings are completely normal. 

"Yes we are all human. Sad, angry, [and] depressed feelings are normal," said Wendy Hill, Ph.D. and hypnotherapist.

If you are feeling uncertain and stressed as you are processing what has happened, you're not alone. Depression and anxiety rates are skyrocketing nationwide.

Hill said sometimes your best option is to turn off the tv, social media and turn on you-time. 

"Be silent with yourself. You'll be amazed at how the mind can solve the problem on its own, to sort things out on its own," said Hill.

She recommended focusing on what you can control and channel your energy into constructive distractions. 

"In other words, if you like to write, then write something. If you like music then write a song. Talk to your children about how to handle feelings," said Hill.

At the same time, it is good to remain informed. Do your own research on how new policies may impact you.

"Fear is one of those feelings that paralyzes you. That's why I say talk to somebody. Get out of the fear get into the facts," said Hill.

Talk out your concerns in a safe space with a trusted friend, family member or professional. Don't stay bottled up. 

"When you sit on emotions, they tend to hurt you. So talk to somebody," said Hill.

And finally, don't forget to exercise. Get outside for a walk or run. Getting in some exercise is good for your body and your mind too.

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