SAN DIEGO — The second plane under a new Border Patrol policy touched down in San Diego on Saturday afternoon. The plane was full of people caught entering the United States illegally in the Rio Grande Valley.

The group was flown to San Diego for processing.

When in San Diego, Governor Newsom addressed the migrants saying, “they are human beings being used as pawns, as tools. We have lost all our moral authority. It is hard for us to preach when we are not practicing.”

The Border Patrol says San Diego has the capacity to handle three flights each week. Every flight will have 120-135 people, all are non-criminal families. Once they land they are taken via bus to one of eight Border Patrol stations for processing.

On Saturday, the group was met by protesters, one of whom blocked the bus to shout at those on board.

Detainees are turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement within 72 hours. The state is preparing for the possibility that agents will release some of them into the community. California Governor, Gavin Newsom said, “We did not want folks to end up on the streets and sidewalks. We don’t want people being trafficked. Human trafficking is very real. We were dumping people out in the greyhound bus station and they could end up homeless.”

The facility in San Diego is only for asylum seekers. If those flown into the area want to seek asylum status, they can request it once they are in San Diego. This is what local leaders think will happen.  

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County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher told News 8, “We have already processed 14,000, I think we can handle this, but ultimately this is a failure of the Trump administration who created crises to drive a political narrative and agenda that is not needed.”