SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A detour for a dream cruise to Mexico as it ended up making a stop in San Diego after tropical storm Bud, which is heading for Cabo San Lucas, forced the ship to change course.

The Carnival cruise ship was scheduled to make a stop in Cabo, but had to reroute after Bud morphed into a category four hurricane earlier this week. Due to the 130-mile-per-hour winds and big waves, the cruise ship, Splendor, would not have been able to safely dock. Passengers onboard the Splendor would also not have been able to be transported to land via small boats.

While the Splendor’s detour stop in San Diego was due to safety, some passengers were very disappointed. Due to the unplanned circumstances, Carnival offered guests deals to make up for the inconveniences.

Passengers who disembarked in San Diego were given a full refund. Those who will continue to Ensenada on Friday will receive a voucher for a future cruise that will cover the cost 100%.

Tropical storm Bud is expected to make landfall in Cabo on Friday morning.