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Verify: Does the "virus shut out" necklace protect you from COVID-19

One of those products is a so-called "virus shut out" necklace and they can easily be found easily on the internet.

SAN DIEGO — As the pandemic worsens, more and more products are popping up claiming to either kill Coronavirus or prevent it.

One of those products is a so-called "virus shut out" necklace and they can easily be found on the internet. Companies claim wearing one will protect you from getting COVID-19.

We wanted to verify, do they work?

According to Amy Miller, Director of the Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Division at the US Environmental Protection Agency, the answer is no.

“Some of these necklaces say it will give you six feet of protection. These claims are not true.”

Miller tells News 8 there's no proof the products are effective. They could even be dangerous.

“These products have a chemical in them-chlorine dioxide. It's a respiratory irritant and you definitely shouldn't be wearing it as a necklace.”

The EPA has been busy lately cracking down on other illegal products that claim to kill or prevent COVID.

On the West Coast alone, they've intercepted seven million, including disinfectant wipes and UV wands.

In August, a San Diego company called EcoShield LLC was issued a stop sale order for a clip-on product they manufactured called the Eco AirDoctor Portable.

“You name it. There's a variety of products being sold out there that are illegal," said Miller.

With so many products out there, is there a way to verify if they're safe?


Miller suggests doing two things:

First, check the EPA website for its list of approved products.

Another tip-legal products have to be registered with the EPA.

You can check by looking at the label. And if you do come across something that seems suspicious, report it to the EPA.

“We sure do wanna know about them.”

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