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Taylor Swift fans' "Bad Blood" with Ticketmaster after ticket sales cancellation

This chaotic cancellation of ticket sales for Taylor Swift's new tour now has the spotlight on Ticketmaster, and some members of Congress are demanding action.

SAN DIEGO — For the first time since 2018, Taylor Swift is going on tour, creating a near-hysteria among so-called "Swifties" -- her fans --  trying to score tickets.

This includes back-to-back concerts at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles next August.

However, demand for pre-sale tickets was so overwhelming this week that sales to the general public planned for tomorrow have now been cancelled. 

This chaotic cancellation of ticket sales now has the spotlight on Ticketmaster, and some members of Congress are demanding action.

While there's no doubt Taylor Swift is beloved by millions, the disastrous process to buy tickets to her upcoming "Eras" tour has been reviled.

"I was upset personally and it just sucks," said Jillian Granfield. 

Granfield and her mom were hoping to get tickets before Ticketmaster announced that sales to the general public scheduled for Friday have been cancelled.

Ticketmaster blamed the cancellation on "extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand."

"It's really disappointing, and it stresses people out," said Julie Granfield.

"There are a lot of true, hard Swifty fans out there who would be devastated if they couldn't get tickets," said another fan named Lisa, visiting San Diego from Georgia. 

That devastation has already set in for millions of fans who were locked out of 'pre-sale' ticket purchases this week.

Ticketmaster says its computer system received 3.5 billion requests -- four times its previous all-time record -- essentially overloading the system.

"Pretty much once we were in the queue, they stopped and said, your queue has been paused and it sat there for well over two hours just like that," said Swift fan Lindsey Rutland, who tried to purchase tickets earlier this week.

This is also renewing focus on Ticketmaster, which merged with Live Nation in 2010, as some political leaders and state attorneys general are calling for an investigation into whether Ticketmaster has too much of a monopoly on ticket sales for high-profile concerts like this.

"We're seeing a situation where people are trying to use the service and aren't getting the product that they paid for the product that they were promised. and that could be an indicator that there's not enough competition in the market," said Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti. 

On Wednesday, Senator Amy Klobuchar wrote a letter to the head of Live Nation Entertainment, accusing the company of abusing its position in the market and demanding answers. Klobuchar gave the company until next Wednesday to respond. 

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