SAN DIEGO — For consecutive years now, Comic-Con International has sold out in record time and obtaining a badge has become strenuous. Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns Comic-Con fans eager to get into the convention center to be wary of potential scalpers. Unfortunately, these third-party ticket sellers may sell fake badges and leave some in costume with nowhere to go.

If Comic-Con aficionados are considering buying a ticket from an unofficial seller through a third-party site such as Craigslist, Ebay or, they should be aware Comic-Con does not give third-parties permission to change or alter the registration information on a badge. One of the most pervasive scams BBB has found over the years is the reselling scam in which a scammer claims they bought a badge but can no longer attend the convention. They try to resell their badges which they never purchased, claiming they can change the name on the registration information. A key factor for consumers to remember is Comic-Con provides a refund at the buyer’s request, making it unnecessary to resell a ticket.

Another scam BBB has encountered are fraudsters offering to sell extra tickets. Consumers should know buyers are limited to one ticket each, meaning there are no legitimate extra badge sales available.

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Most importantly, Comic-Con tickets are non-transferable. Each person must apply for a Comic Con Member ID in order to purchase a badge. Once the member ID is valid and confirmed, it will be used as a login to be able to obtain a badge. Be aware you have agreed not to sell, trade, transfer or share your badge information.

In addition, if San Diego Comic-Con determines you have violated this policy, they have the right to cancel your badge without a refund. Thus, buying from a third-party seller is not only more expensive it may put the attendees at risk of being expelled from the event. 

Comic-Con International will begin on Thursday July 18 and run through Sunday July 21, 2019. The annual convention, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, now ranks as one of the largest events of its kind in the world, attracting more than 160,000 attendees to the San Diego Convention Center and surrounding Gaslamp Quarter, every summer.