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New album's songs pay tribute to dog breeds, raise funds for shelters

Animal shelters nationwide have teamed up with Nashville songwriters to say thanks to our pets for keeping us sane during the pandemic.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Everyone knows that dogs make people smile and so does music. Norty Cohen thought it made perfect sense to put the two together.  

"There are 17 dogs songs we put together, they're all fun, interesting and all fit a breed," Norty said. 

He came up with the inspiration for the album while out walking his dog. 

"I got this idea to start working with Nashville songwriters that I had been working with on other projects," Norty explained. "They came back to me in a week with an incredible collection of songs."

Who knew that Dachshunds would inspire "Do the Dachs-Hound"? 

How about a little Lion King with "King of the Pack"? 

And of course, there's got to be some Rock and Roll with "Pit Bull Rock".

"Hopefully they bring a smile to people's faces at a time when there's not a whole lot to smile about. That's the project," said Norty.  

The faces that are smiling are those at the San Diego Humane Society. 

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"Every dollar goes straight to them. We set up the platform so people put in their zip code in and it identifies the shelter closest to them," Norty said, "They really don't have a way of doing fundraising, this is a way for them to get funding."  

So that means dollars spent here in San Diego stay in San Diego which is important during this pandemic. 

All the while reminding us how important our fur family is during this time - with song.

"Everyone of them is so much fun. I hope you'll listen and it will bring a smile to your face," he said.

Dog lovers can visit JustFurrFun.com to download the songs for free and donate to the animal shelter nearest them. After keying in a zip code, the nearest shelters will pop up. The shelters receive 100% of the donations.  

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