SAN DIEGO — San Diego Zoo Global was recently given two platypuses from the Taronga Zoo Sydney. These two animals are the first platypuses that are on display outside of Australia.

The two will live in a new habitat at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The Walkabout Australia habitat will officially open on November 22 with a special ceremony.

The park received an 8-year-old male and a 15-year-old female. They were flown from Australia to San Diego in specially designed platypus transport crates, accompanied by their keeper from Taronga Zoo Sydney. The animals did very well on their long journey to San Diego and have been acclimating to their specially built new home at the Safari Park.

Platypuses are semi-aquatic mammals who live in freshwater habitats. They have a very unusual appearance with a duck-bill and beaver-like tail. They are one of two mammals who lay eggs rather than giving birth.

The platypuses have spent the last few days getting used to their new home. 

San Diego Zoo Safari Park released video of when the platypuses arrived. 

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