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'Senior specials' for Point Loma High seniors

A group of parents are making "Senior Specials" for high school seniors who are missing out on milestones in their final year of high school.

SAN DIEGO — Let’s face it. Seniors are getting cheated out of their final year in high school and missing out on big moments, but there is a group of Point Loma High School parents trying to make up for it.

“If this is one small thing we can do to brighten their day, then we are happy to do it,” said Tracy Case, PLHS senior mom.

Each 21st of the month, PLHS seniors safely drive, walk or bike up to Plumosa Park for their “Senior Special.”

“We do it on the 21st of every month because we are the class of '21,” said Carson Arnold, PLHS Senior Class President.

Behind the giveaways are senior moms, parents, the community and local businesses.

“They are missing out on a lot of milestones and we feel really bad for them,” said Case.

They’ve missed out on homecoming, Senior Day, College Decision Day, sports, clubs and now possibly prom and graduation.

“We don't have anything to look forward to. We don't have anything to plan for. It's deadline after deadline for a class or a college application,” said Arnold.

Each month he helps hand out the packages and catches up with his peers.

“It's incredible to see people that truly I haven't seen since March of last year,” said Arnold.

He said he tries to stay connected with seniors online, but it’s just not the same.

“It's really demoralizing when we have nothing going on so at least every 21st, we can count three weeks after the 1st,” said Arnold.

His mom, Jen Doud, helped round up more than 30 parents. Since August 21, they’ve been able to collect donations from local businesses for each month’s themed special. Students have received Ike’s sandwiches, Chick-fil-A sandwiches, a Halloween Spooktacular, ornaments for the holidays and this month, Gourmet Bagger cookies and Smart water donated by Jensen’s Foods for finals week to help them feel “smart.”

“It's just one thing that is theirs and it's about them, to help them feel a little bit celebrated,” said Doud.

The next time you run into a senior or if you spot a “senior sign” in a lawn, a shout out can go a long way as it did from a stranger passing by the park.

“Congrats and keep up the good work," they said.

If you or someone you know is doing something special or planning a COVID-19 friendly event for the class of 2021, let News 8’s Abbie Alford know.

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