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SDG&E wants $3.9 billion in revenue increases over 4 years

Public meetings will be scheduled soon in the utility's general rate case.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Gas and Electric customers are amped up about their utility bills.

Consumer advocates say there soon will be opportunities for customers to weigh in on proposed rate hikes that the utility is applying for. The increases would amount to $3.9 billion in additional revenue over four years.

It’s hard to keep track of all the regulations and hearings associated with SDG&E’s proposed rate hikes.

Edward Lopez is the executive director of UCAN, Utility Consumers' Action Network. The nonprofit is protesting SDG&E’s recent rate increase proposal, called a general rate case.

“We're protesting the fact that SDG&E, in its current general rate case, is asking for more than $3 billion in what's called the revenue requirement.  That's a $475 million increase from the prior year, which is about an 18.7% increase,” said Lopez.

In its application, SDG&E wants ratepayers to help fund additional revenues of $475 million in 2024, $363.2 million in 2025, $338.1 million in 2026, and $306.9 million in 2027.

The annual revenue increases stack up year to year, amounting to $3.9 billion in additional revenue for the company between 2024 and 2027.

“If the commission grants SDG&E’s request, you're looking at almost $9 more on the electricity side and $9.57 more on the gas side (for 2024). That's almost $20 a month more on the typical SDG&E bill,” said Lopez.

SDG&E said in a statement it needed the extra revenue to maintain safety and reliability standards, reduce wildfire risk, expand electric vehicle infrastructure, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, among other needs.

“These general rate case proceedings can go for about 18 months or so. So, this is an elaborate and elongated process,” said Lopez.

He said a hearing is set for next week to schedule public meetings where customers will get to weigh in.

“We need the opportunity for San Diego Gas and Electric customers themselves to come forth and be able to have their voices heard,” Lopez said.

The future public meetings will be held both in person and remotely, Lopez said.

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