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The Week in Good News across San Diego

Here’s a look back at some feel-good stories in San Diego you may have missed.
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1. Honor Flight: 100-year-old veteran and author to take a trip of a lifetime

Veterans from the Greatest Generation and the Forgotten War will soon fly to Washington D.C., to visit the memorials created in their honor. 

Among them will be World War II veteran Winona Ruth Gunther, who currently lives at the La Vida Del Mar Senior Living Complex in Solana Beach.

“I wanted to serve. I came from a very patriotic family,” said Gunther.

Gunther served during WW II as a Pharmacist Mate First Class in the  U.S. Naval WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency), and tended to wounded service members injured in Guadalcanal - many who suffered from Malaria.

A gala is being held at the Hilton Del Mar. For tickets or donations click here.

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2. Blind and deaf puppy relies on seeing-eye puppy brother

A brother and sister puppy duo in San Diego share a special bond. Star is blind and deaf. Her brother Denver is her guide puppy.

The 3-month-old terrier blend pups came to the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter from another shelter in Louisiana. They were part of a litter of eight whose mom was found roaming the streets while she was pregnant. 

"The thing that was rare for us to see is how completely bonded these two were," said Jessica Gercke, spokesperson for Helen Woodward.

She says immediately staff noticed Star was special.

If you would like to fill out an application to adopt a puppy, click here.

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3. Gov. Newsom visits San Diego school to raise support for Prop 13

Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday visited San Diego to raise awareness and support for Proposition 13, the school facilities bond – and only statewide measure -- on Tuesday’s ballot.

Newsom was joined by Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D- San Diego), education leaders as part of a get-out-the-vote tour. 

Proposition 13 on the March ballot is creating some confusion among voters. It has the same number as Proposition 13 of 1978, but has nothing to do with the well-known constitutional amendment on property taxes. It instead is a request to authorize bonds to pay for school infrastructure.

Prop 13 would authorize $15 billion in school improvement bonds for public preschools, Kindergarten-12th grade schools, community colleges and universities.

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4. Bald Eagles can be found at Lake Hodges

Bald eagle sightings are on the rise across San Diego County, and one wildlife photographer said he has been seeing more and more of the majestic birds at Lake Hodges - leading to an increase in spectacular images.  

Brian Cadwell leads photo tours at Lake Hodges and for 20 years, Bald Eagles were nearly impossible to find. They are not around all the time, but when they can be seen, the lake is usually not busy.

Cadwell said he wants to encourage eagle watching, but visitors should keep some guidelines in mind. 

First, stay 100 yards away. That is enough to see a big bird like a Bald Eagle. Secondly, nesting birds should be completely avoided because it can affect how well they nest and how well they breed.

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5. It's Leap Day! Check out the deals and freebies!

It happens once every four years so companies are ready to celebrate the Leap Year with some special deals. 

During every presidential election and summer Olympics year, an extra day is added to the month of February. So instead of 28 days, this year February will have 29 days. We have leap years in order to sync our calendar with the Earth's revolutions around the sun.

This year's Feb. 29 is extra special because it falls on a Saturday for the first time since 1992.

Several stores, companies and travel websites are offering sales to celebrate this infrequent occurrence. Some of the offers are only valid at participating locations, so be sure to check with your local locations just to be safe before showing up. 

Click on the link below for all the deals across San Diego County:

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February 29th. Leap Year