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San Diego Police Department targets prostitution off Main Street in Barrio Logan

Business owners say they are still seeing prostitution activity at all hours.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego police continue to crack down on prostitution in Barrio Logan across from Naval Station San Diego. But business owners said they are still seeing streetwalkers in the area both day and night.

“It’s a little tough when clients come to the shop.  It doesn't exactly lend itself to an inviting business atmosphere,” said businessman C.J. Daluz.

Daluz said he has seen it all on Dalbergia Street when it comes to prostitution at all hours.

“You can always tell when a Navy ship is coming into town, because it's like a freeway with all that [prostitution],” he said.

Other business owners told News 8 they have received no response when they complained to the San Diego mayor’s office or the area's city councilmember, Vivian Moreno.

Daluz said he sometimes talks to the women on the street and he feels sorry for them.

“You got to remember they're human beings, but so are a lot of other people that are breaking the law. You feel sorry for a lot of people,” Daluz said.

San Diego police said they are aware of the problem.

Lt. Art Swadener with SDPD’s Central Division said Thursday over the prior two days, officers have arrested four women and one man on prostitution-related charges.

He said officers also are employing a new strategy by citing drivers for traffic violations like running stop signs and speeding, or ticketing pedestrians for standing in the middle of the street.

Lt. Swadener said policing the area is labor-intensive.  As soon as officers clear out, prostitution picks up again, leading business owners to wonder whether the problem will ever be solved.

“There’s a lot of sadness going on in San Diego right now, which is unfortunate. If anybody ever had the answers to all those issues, they'd be a hero, right? But, as we say, it's never that easy,” said Daluz.

On the last Thursday of every month, the captain of SDPD Central Division holds a meeting with community members.  The department encourages people to attend if they have concerns about crime in their neighborhood.

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