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Falck unveils 4 new ambulances with messages to keep San Diegans safe

The four "Rolling Billboard Public Service Announcement (PSA) ambulances will be strategically placed around San Diego in four different zones.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Falck San Diego unveiled four new ambulances Wednesday wrapped in safety messages that are aimed at keeping San Diegans safe. 

Along the sides of these ambulances, Falck displays images that encourage pedestrian safety, the importance of wearing bicycle helmets, and other valuable safety recommendations.

The four "Rolling Billboard Public Service Announcement (PSA) ambulances will be strategically placed around San Diego in four different zones.

For example, the message about drowning prevention and locking your pool will be in the inland zone where the hot temperatures correlate with high levels of pools. The ambulance with the message about keeping your head up while walking across the street is sent down to Pacific Beach. You can find it parked in front of Fire Station 21 where crowds of young tourists frequent. 

Credit: Falck San Diego

The fire department specifically voted on these issues because these include some of the highest falsities and injuries in San Diego. Every 90 days the ambulances will rotate and move to a different zone to spread the important message to the community.

Falck says the new messages are part of an innovative learning experience that they will bring to San Diego's streets. 

"These four topics we thought were incredibly important for what's going on in today's age--people staring at their cell phones, people falling in pools that's something we run into all the time--making sure you wear a bike helmet, and of course--CPR. CPR is something simple to learn, I know it scares people. But it's something that if you take the time there's a QR code here if you scan it that goes right to a YouTube video where you can watch it and learn to do CPR. If it saves one life, that's all we really care about," a San Diego Fire Department Representative said.

The messages found on these new ambulances were created for everyone who bikes, swims, walks or runs in San Diego. Falck says the goal is to encourage people who see these messages to think about what actions they can take to prevent injuries or help someone in an emergency. 

Falck has been providing emergency services to help people in their time of need since 1906. It employs more than 24,000 people worldwide and delivers more than 8 million emergency response and healthcare services every year. 

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